It is so good to have the blog back online. ( Server migration caused the site to be offline)

A lot has happened in the last 4 days. I am 4 more days older and wiser ! Which is a good thing I hear you say.

I have my Chinese side of the family coming for a visit in a few days, My house is a total wreck. None of my kids want to give up their room for the visitors. I  can’t blame them because I don’t like anyone else sleeping on my bed.

I must tell you how hilarious it was, when I went  to buy a mattress few months ago. Growing up I slept on the mattress my grandmother( maternal) made for my mother ( paruthi panji ) as part of her bridal trousseau. Then we upgraded to foam mattress my father bought from mid east. At one stage I slept on a bed made from stacking 5 foam mattresses and spend a lot of time pretending I was the princess ( as in the princess and the pea story). In the medical college, I broke Amma’s heart by cutting one of the foam mattress to fit my hostel bed and Amma used the left over foam to make a cushion. ( The long strip of foam was rolled in to a pinwheel shape)

When I went back to Malaysia, I had no money to buy a mattress, so slept on my Razai  for the first few months and then bought a Dunlop mattress ( no bed still). It took a few more months before I bought a bed. In England I bought my first futon because I was staying in a bedsit and there was no space to put a proper mattress, besides it was the cheapest option, couch and bed in one.. The love for futon stayed all through till a few months ago. I was laying down on my cotton filled, comfy low bed and thought of all the things I had dreamed of wanting and it occurred to me that I had always wanted a four poster bed. By now, it is pretty obvious that I am a mad woman and needless to say, I decided to buy a four poster bed. Happily I fixed the bed after it was delivered. My idea was to continue use the futon mattress, only thing was, the mattress was a foot short on all sides. I wish I could describe the look on my children’s face. I had no choice, but to go and buy a new mattress. .

The sales rep at the furniture showroom asked me to lay down on the display mattress and see what kind of a mattress I would like. There were at least 20 different mattresses, all had a panel of washable fabric at the foot side, so your shoes won’t dirty the mattress, but no other covering/sheet. I could see all sorts of people laying down on those mattress to check, which one they like. I couldn’t bring myself to do that.  ( This is the same me, who travelled all over India in reserved and often unreserved train compartments and slept on those hard railway seats without any complain )

The sales guy tried his level best to convince me that the only way I could find my perfect mattress is by laying down on it.. but alas no luck. I needed a mattress, he needed the commission, but there was no way he could sell me one, if I don’t know what I wanted. I found the solution to my dilemma. If in doubt, always remember, eenie, meenie minie mo works.. I did just that. I have no idea what type/specs of mattress I bought, neither do I care.  As far as I am concerned, If I am going to count the sheep all night, the mattress isn’t going to make a difference..

Oh yeah, I was telling you about my family coming over for a visit. The good hostess in me wants to make my visitors comfortable when they come to my home, but the OCD sufferer doesn’t want to share her bed. And the house is a wreck because I am trying to rearrange the furniture in the living room and the TV room to make some space.. Did I tell you that my house is very small and built up area is only 210 sq meters?

PS: It looks like my OCD is increasing as I grow the first part of the blog should actually be read as older and stupid..

It looks like I lost the last post titled The contrast, I think it wasn’t saved when the server was changed..Anyone knows if there is a way I could retrieve it?

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  1. “Site blocked” intimation made me frenzy. What happened to Sarah? Why went off the air abruptly? Gave up writing which is oxygen for her? So many questions came to mind.Kept us on tenterhooks ruthlessly for days together. Happy and relieved that you are back.

  2. Yes, when I saw the blog blocked message, I kept on checking back to see if Ur back, just then realised that if this blog is closed I don’t know where to look for you happy to see u back…Eid Mubarak, my baby girl was born on Eid day last year 🙂

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