Double standard.

As I wrote sometime before, my father stopped financially supporting me when I completed 3 rd year Medicine and I didn’t even have money to pay mess bill and survived on bread and bananas. However, lack of money wasn’t an impediment for my style or fashion. I bought cheap fabric whenever there was a Khadi exhibition and got the tailors in the rural areas who charges very little to stitch my salwars. Often, I would wait at the shop while the tailor was cutting the fabric, not because I was worried that he would steal the fabric, but because I wanted my salwars to have looooooow neck, especially at the back because no one ( ie professors) would see the low neck and get scandalized because it is covered by my lab coat, but I didn’t need to wear something different to scandalize my friends and foes when I wore the same salwar for parties. Win win situation if I must say !

The hardest part was to get the tailor to cut it low. He himself was scandalized and refused. The first time, I told him, I want the back to be cut in a tear shape with strings attached that I could tie and hold it in shape. My idea was a huge tear shaped opening in the back, what I got was a tiny opening that closed automatically when you tied it, so I ended up waiting at the shop to make sure that the tailor cut it the way I want. Anyway, long story short, all the good girls from good family were totally scandalized seeing my outfits and I looked like a good girl from a good family only when I wore my lab coat.

I do have a good figure even now and I don’t wear anything that hides my figure !

Yaya is getting the academic award this year and wants something “totally cool” to wear when she goes up the stage to collect her award. I am so fine with that.

She plans everything in advance and asked me if I would take her for “academic award dress shopping” I am so fine with that too and took her for shopping.

“What do you think?” She took a dress from the rack and showed me. It looked beautiful, tiny white and pink flowers in navy blue silk fabric..

“Very Pretty” I said

“Shall I try it on?” she asked.

“Sure” I said.

She wore the dress and walked to where I was standing. My first instinct was to grab a jumper from the nearest rack and ask her to wear it over the dress.

“So?” She asked, giving me a full 360 degree turn.

“the neck is too low” I replied. I actually can’t believe I said that.

“Mom” She said, It sounded so much as if she called me a  hypocrite.

“It is true” I said.

“Mom, do you like the dress?” She asked.

The truth is, she looked gorgeous..

We bought the dress..but I, who wears low neck dresses without any qualms, am not happy. This is nothing but double standard.


4 thoughts on “Double standard.

  1. I love Khadi!!

    Well you really are not being a hypocrite.. one standard was for you as person, the other is concern as a mother. But you let her buy it anyway.. so no issues.. the mother is always going to be in conflict with the individual you..

    Oh..the duality of the world!! Just chill 🙂 and please go in the corner and sit for 10 minutes for calling yourself names (hypocrite!)

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