the best

Few days ago, Yaya came back from school and gave me a hug and said ” guess what mom?”

I do hate the guess what mom scenes, especially the ones that follows a hug. Usually, the hug is a pre-emptive strike and I imagined all sorts of trouble that she could be in.

“What?” I asked

“My friends and I were talking about mothers today and everyone agreed that I have the best mother on planet earth”

I was a bit surprised to hear that and I looked at her to see, if she buttering me up to get something from me. She didn’t look like she was joking.


“Yup, all my friends adore you and think you are the best”

When I was expecting Yaya, I hoped I would be the mother I had hoped I would have, the one who is understanding, loving and supportive. I also wanted to stop the cycle of abuse. It takes a lot to undo the damage my mother inflicted on me and I know I will always have the scars. It feels good knowing that I didn’t turn out to be like my mother and that, even though I come from the most dysfunctional family on earth, I am still the best mother.

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