Right round like a record.

There is a time in every child’s life when they start to identify and like certain genre of music. Yaya started her love of music with the song Black horse and Cherry tree by KT Tunstall. She was in grade 2 then and played that song over and over.

My son’s music discovery started with Owl city’s fireflies. He played that song over and over for months

When baby was 4 years old, she sang “you spin me right round” by Dead or Alive all the time.

She was in to Dora at that time and even had Dora hair style. I remember her wearing her favourite purple colour Dora shorts and tee shirt and sitting on the floor in the living room, colouring yet another dora colouring page and singing “You spin me right round baby” over and over. It was a song from my youth and I felt a connection between me and her.

Yesterday, as we were driving back home the radio station had songs from the 80’s and the DJ played “you spin right round” I looked at baby and said ” Do you remember the song?”

She had no idea. She doesn’t even remember singing it. Yaya said from the back of the car ” I remember baby singing it all the time Mama, we found that song in Alvin and the Chipmunks and she was crazy for it.”

I know not everyone is like me and Yaya who can remember everything. I know baby is normal..Yet I feel sad..that she doesn’t remember it.

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4 thoughts on “Right round like a record.

  1. She was 4! I don’t remember a thing from the time I was 4… except the one incident in which I burnt my knee and a fly came close to the wound, next to the burnol. This is how we poor normal people live.

    • URT: I know I am being unfair to my youngest child. For me, memories are like chewing cud, I take visual journeys to my past every single day. That is normal for me..Baby doesn’t even remember her room in the house where we stayed when we came to Australia..I can see her bed, her table, her sleeping form..everything. I feel sad that she can’t see all that, even though I know there is absolutely no need for her to remember all that.

  2. Hey Sarah,

    Last week i landed into your blog and i kept on reading couple posts from 2006 and to that of the recent posts. You kept me throughout and i’m totally engrossed. =)
    Continue to write would love to hear from you. May be exchange of mails. Will be glad to see you mail in my inbox.

    Hoping to hear from you. . God Bless ya !


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