Assoyakkum kushumbinum marunnilla Divya..

This post for deepa/divya unni. shanu.. I think you have an issue with my  blog and have been trying insult me for a very long time.

I have not forced you to read my blog. But, you are still doing it under your own volition. I approved your comment to my last post because it seems that you are so worked up with your jealousy and will not stop and keep creating new id’s and leave spiteful comments.

I am so sorry to say that you are wasting your time.

I am posting your IP..that over the past few months you have used to post comments under various handles.

Please stop wasting your time and mine.

Divya Unni

Divya Unni



6 thoughts on “Assoyakkum kushumbinum marunnilla Divya..

  1. Pretty clear who should get a life! No wonder you decided to moderate the comments.
    Don’t let it rattle you!

    • URT: Even after I wrote saying that I have near perfect eidetic memory, she still tries to create fake id’s not knowing that IP address don’t change, unless you use hipemyip application..

  2. Ignore her. you were wasting your time to blog about her. If she knows how mentaly strong you are then she wouldnt have commented here.

    • Saju: She was relentless, as though she needed to get at me and I thought, I will give her the opportunity, otherwise, she would keep on creating fake id’s and post comments !

  3. Sarah, you are a supermom. I cannot be even half the mom that are. Don’t get disheartened by these kind of idiots.

    • Saina: It isn’t about me, it is a stranger who feels so much hatred towards me and want to leave spiteful comment over and over and acting like a terrier with a bone.. I don’t understand that.. Calling my gradndmother a nut job etc are really aweful..But the thing is, I am who I am, I have never pretended to be anything else and she seems to have a problem with that..

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