Weekend find

Kids and I, we usually go for long rides on Sundays and last weekend we were at a farmers market. Our visits to farmers market is mainly for me to find plants, as I mentioned before, I support the entire garden industry in Queensland by buying plants and then killing them.  My kids “love” going to the markets because we follow 50:50. If I spend 10$ on plants, then I have to spend 10$ to buy them something. It is only fair, they say, after all they are getting up wee early hours of the  morning to come with me. It is a sure win for them because I always buy plants ! ( You do have to admire my children’s negotiation skills !)

This particular market also had a seller selling all sorts of junks and antiques. I do love collecting antiques. My point is, if I put 10$ in the bank, to double it, I will have to keep it in the bank for at least 18 years and I am hoping to find something that is cheap now, but will appreciate and will give me a higher return than if I had kept the money in the bank. I also want to give my children things that they can sell if they ever need quick money ( like the gold watch the Mangalorean’s grandfather gave his son when he went to England to do Medicine)

While looking at all the junk the trader had, I came across a brass vase with dragons on it. My son is born in the year of dragon and I collect dragons for him. The dragons on this vase were added after the basic vase had been cast and I knew it required a skilled craftsman.

dragon vase

Digressing a bit here. Brass has been used in prehistoric times, Romans perfected the art of casting brass , however the technique called lost wax method was first used in India as the archaeological evidence in Harappa suggests.

Lost wax method.

I noticed that there was a stamp at the bottom of the vase, but I really didn’t want to investigate it further, because I didn’t want to show my enthusiasm to the seller. He wanted 20 and I am still an Indian !! Eventually, we agreed to the price of 16$.

I couldn’t wait to get back to my car to check the stamp at the bottom.

It has a Xuande mark, but I don’t think it is a Ming dynasty piece. My bet is 2 centuries after Ming Dynasty.

Either it is a beautifully made fake or it is an original.. But either way, It was money worth spending because similar ones are going for 300$


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