Don’t get alarmed..I was talking about me.

Last Saturday during my youngest child’s basketball game, I was told not so subtly by the team manager that I should actually watch the game and support the team instead of reading.
That got me thinking.
Why is it that there is an expectation that a parent must chronicle and be part of every second of their child’s life?

For me, in every game there is a winner or loser and I really don’t care who won or lost. I know my child is a very good basketball player, but what difference it would make to her if I gape at the basket to see her scoring?

I also see a lot of parents screaming and giving directions to their child and the team. It is just a game ! why must it become all about winning?

When we were in Canada, I volunteered at the tuck shop on sports day. All my children wanted was my presence and I was there. But there was no way I could divide myself in to three and watch each of their games and the best thing to do was to volunteer and do something good !

I also know that my children will never get to Olympics!
A friend of mine leaves home at 5 every weekend and drives her son from Brisbane to Toowoomba ( an hour and  a half) for a basketball game and then drives back to Brisbane for another game and then she takes the child for soccer.. all in a day. She gets back home at 9 in the evening. It takes a very special and dedicated woman to do that. I can’t. If my children missed out on a great sporting career because their mother is lazy, I will just have to live with it. There is only so much I can do.

I wanted them to learn swimming ( life saving skill) skating ( easier to learn when you are a child) roller blading ( same as before) and play a group sport.
I also refused to sign up my son for cricket. ( Selfish, I know. But I don’t have 8 hours to spare on weekends)

As for reading during the game,, it is my choice, mine alone !

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