Hold tight !!!

The past few weeks have been nothing short of awesome !
You know how it feels when everything works according to plan ! ( not that I actually have a set of plan)

Kids have been very happy and not annoying me much.
I managed to get tons of books after visiting three libraries over 5 days.
I completed building the retaining wall.
My garden is looking awesome and I haven’t killed any plants ( yet)
I completed collecting a full dinner set for Yaya. ( I picked Grindley cream petal  Ivory and green pattern for her because she likes green colour. It took me three years to find all the pieces to complete the collection!)
I hosted a party for all of Yaya’s friends ( She procrastinated on having a birthday party and chose to have pre departure and belated birthday party together ! Her birthday was in June)

So everything was going well..

During the party, Yaya stepped on two nails ! It was part of the bird feeder and my son left it on the floor while tidying up the Yard. Because Yaya is going to Spain soon, I thought I might as well take her to the clinic and get a tetanus booster shot.
Happily we went to the clinic.. and the clinic was crowded and to make things worst my friend who is our family GP had taken the day off. I had to wait 2 hours to see a doctor and by then I was really annoyed with Yaya and scolded her for not looking where she was going. If she looked, then she would have seen the nail and wouldn’t have stepped on it. I was also mad at my son for leaving the stuff on the floor.
Finally we managed to see the Gp and she got the needle. As I walked out of the clinic, I was thinking of what to cook for dinner and told Yaya to hurry up because I had to drive back home and cook dinner..  we already wasted two hours at the clinic.. and the next thing I know was my child calling my name and she was on the floor.
I grabbed her leg and lifted her legs high. I wasn’t sure if she was reacting to the tetanus or was having a syncope. ( I also lost a patient years ago after a syncope)
The doctors came, took over and I stood there trying  to make sense of what was happening.
It was my baby that was on the floor and all I felt was guilt..for scolding her for not being careful. Of course I knew my child didn’t walk on the nail purposely..but sometimes I say things without really thinking about it.
Yaya did have a syncope spell.. and I was grateful for the fact that I never let her have the vaccination at school. I had always taken her to the clinic to get the vaccination because I felt in the event if there is ever a reaction, the clinic is much better equipped than the vaccination van, besides if I take her to the clinic, then I am there !!
Yaya is fine now..but I still have a lot more to learn..to cherish every moment and to remember that in the end it is not a complete dinner set that matters.. 

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