Party for 30 under 50$

I wanted to teach Yaya that you can host a party without actually having to spend a lot of money.
The first thing to consider is the location. Anywhere that is free..home, park, shopping malls!
Yaya wanted to have a bowling party at first. It costs 20$ per person and I told her she can invite 10 friends. She wanted to invite more friends and chose to have it at home.

Food..variety is the key.
We bought 2 loaves of bread ( 6$)
One packet butter(2$)
2 family pack of pies and rolls (14$)
2 boxes of strawberries(6$)
1 packet of chocolate melt.(4$)
3 bottles of soda water (3$)
1 bottle of strawberry daiquiri mix ( it was on sale!!3$)
6 bottles of soft drinks ( 6$)
1 box of cupcake mix ( 3$)
1 box of popcorn ( 3$)

I prefer to make cucumber sandwich because it is easy and everyone can eat it. (esp  vegetarians and those with food allergy). We made fairy bread with one loaf and cucumber sandwich with the other.
Yaya baked mini cupcakes and iced them.
The family packet of pies and rolls had 38 pieces in each and we baked them.
I have a Hershey’s chocolate fondue kit and made  chocolate sauce with the melts and poured in the bowl, lit a candle underneath and the kids dipped the strawberries in the sauce.
Instead of chips, we made popcorn.

I refuse to serve alcohol to children. But I do know that a lot of parties Yaya had been to, there was alcohol ! ( it has now reached a stage that private schools are planning to start RBT at schools!). Yaya asked if she could have mocktails and that was fine with me. She used the strawberry daiquiri mix and mixed it with soda water.

Yaya and toothless also made a campfire in the garden.

Party decorations were candles. ( ikea tea lights)

30 kids came for the party. They danced, went to the park near home and played spotlight in the darkness.( that was a bit scary especially because there were no lights in the park and I was worried about snakes) I stayed in the living room and read a book because I felt my child is old enough to be on her own and don’t need to have her annoying mother around and at the same time I wanted the kids to know that I am very much there!

The one thing that surprised me the most was, Yaya didn’t introduce me to any of her friends. ( I know the usual gang of 5 that come to my home regularly, but not the other 25)

I didn’t want them to play spin the bottle and having an outdoor party helped to prevent that. But just because they didn’t play it at my home doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be playing the same in their friends’ home..( that is the harsh reality!)

From princess party to dance time flies!

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