Such is life..

In a lot of ways having children is life’s way of returning Karma..
Remember those days, when Amma was reading the newspaper, my sisters and I used to ask her for stuff and Amma would mumble Yes??

I was in the middle of doing a project when my son came to my room and asked if he could have his b’day party this weekend, as this is the only weekend he doesn’t have any basketball games.
I said yes, rather absent mindedly..
Then he asked if could invite 20 friends..
I was writing a story as required by the QLD health regarding a project I am working on..My head must not have been screwed in right..because I said YES.
What in the world possessed me to agree to have 20 pre teen boys is something I still don’t understand..
Yesterday was probably the worst day I could ever have.. Some idiot, felt that my car is too nice and decided that he must do something to make it even more nicer.. He used something sharp and drew from one end to the other..
I was sad..but it is just a car.. and I thought there is much to life than get angry at something that is not going to change anything..
Then I.who has severe allergies..was bitten by a spider, and I spend a lot of time kalan ( god of death) would look like..every little itch, imagined or real was one step close to the trip to netherworld..( the fact that my epipen expired in 2011 and I completely fogot to get a new one didn’t make it any better either)
Then in the evening, there was a terrible car accident near my home, which resulted in the road being closed on both sides and I sat in a traffic jam for 3 hours and 45 minutes..It was raining and I really wanted to chuchumulli (pee)
Then my darling son called up to tell me that, “mom, I forgot to tell you, I may have invited more people”
“What you mean by more people?” ( I may have said those  words in a tone that I don’t usually use and the people in the car in front of me may have turned their heads to see what is going on..)
“jeez mom, you don’t have to yell” my son replied
Well!!! have you ever tried to yell when you really had to pee?? Until that time.. you could still breath..but after yelling..taking a breath becomes a task..
“How many people” I didn’t want to use too many words..speaking was becoming rather difficult..holding my breath was more comforting..
“I don’t know” he replied..
With great difficulty, I controlled my breathing and very carefully spoke
“What do you mean by you don’t know?”
“That is the thing mom, I can’t remember who all I invited, we wouldn’t be in this trouble, if you helped me”
Well..let us just say that I am not a good candidate for any mind calming experiments.. son successfully transformed me as the culprit who created all this calamity and in an instant he became this innocent kid, who has a terrible, horrible, mean, nasty mother!!

Luckily for him, the traffic started to move again..nano cm by nano cm..Anyone who is desperate to use the washroom..any sign of traffic movement brings the same joy as winning a mega million lottery a million times..
As the traffic inched slowly..I remembered all the times I blamed my mother..It was her fault that she didn’t remind me to do my home work..and it was her fault, she didn’t do the laundry, and I had no coat to wear to the hospital..and it certainly was her fault when I couldn’t find my books (nah, I couldn’t have misplaced them,,, she moved them)..

Such is life..

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