Have an early AM meeting and don’t have time to update the blog..
Quick question. Have I ever written about spending the night at my friend’s pub when I was supposed to be on night duty and coming back to find the emergency dept full of patients?
I know it is simple to do a search on the blog..I hate to read what I wrote and dread doing it…

I wanted to write this yesterday, but didn’t have time.
The video clip I posted yesterday, I am not sure if I got the message across.
It is not just about missing children..
It is about violence at home ( the old man hitting his wife)
Children running away from home.. ending up in the streets..
Young girls being abused.. ( the old man.. the group of guys..)

Your children are the best gift you would ever receive in your life.. Give them a chance to grow up in a peaceful home..they deserve that.

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