The silence…

People live in bubbles..big, huge bubbles, that gives them an opportunity to see only what they want to see..and how much ever you try and poke the bloody bubble, it keeps growing right back, enveloping the ignoramuses in a bubble of denial.

As a child growing up in an abusive family, the biggest hurdle for me was the total disregard shown by the same people to do something.
It was a syndrome suffered by the inhabiter of the great didn’t happen to me, it isn’t happening to me and therefor it doesn’t exist.

I once had a female patient. I remember her eyes..brown, scary eyes..her eyes looked everywhere but my face. She would never look at me. Her mother brought her to the hospital because the girl was suffering from severe typhoid. I did the general physical examination and the girl wouldn’t let me check her legs. ( pedal oedema) Obviously there was something wrong..
I called the prof. He said don’t bother, just write on the chart that patient refused to be fully examined.
Her mother stood next to her like an over protective hawk, all throughout the admission process.
After admitting her, When the mother went to get food, I went to the patient and told her, I must see her leg.
She refused. But she didn’t have her mother standing next to her and I am strong willed.

This is what I saw..She had cigarette burns all over legs..100’s and 100’s of little round scars, some healed, some fresh all over her legs except the upper part of the feet ( the only part of the leg you can’t cover with the salwar bottom)
Which psychopathic idiot can inflict so much of pain on a young child?
Which mother lets it happen over and over?

I called my Prof and informed him.
His reply was ” there is nothing we can do”
And there is nothing WE did.

This song came out in early 1994. It was such a relief to watch the video when it came out..because when everyone sang about love and broken heart, someone made an effort to talk about the actual truth..the truth I wanted to say..the truth most of you don’t want to hear and even when you hear it, pretend that you don’t understand.

Go on, keep living in your bubble..

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