Urangunna Kurukkan

My father used to play Uranggunna kurukkan ( the sleeping fox) game with us when we were little.

sometimes he had to work late and when he came back home my sisters and I would be in bed often pretending to be fast asleep. Appa would come to our room and call out the youngest child’s name and say

“Uranggunna kurukkan kai pokkum” ( sleeping fox will lift their hands), and the gullible little idiot would promptly lift her hand and get us all in to trouble!!!

I have played the same game with my kids since they were babies.

It started with telling them the story of how all little foxes and little babies lift their hand when they are fast asleep!!!

I went a bit further than my father..

sleeping fox will wave their hand like the queen, touch their nose with their pinky etc..

My son’s room is the closest to the kitchen. This morning I was making Pizza for school lunch and while the pizza was in the oven, I thought I will kacau ( irritate, harass, annoy etc) my son. I knew he was awake, but pretending to sleep.

So I gave him a kiss and told him Uranggunna kurukkan kai pokkum..He lifted his leg!! Then I said Uranggunna kurukkan thala kulukkum ( shake his head) He waved his hands..

My son doesn’t understand a word of malayalam.. but still played along..

I cherish these moments..

It was so much fun..

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