Two posts in a day??

Writing is a catharsis to a tormented soul..

My son is 11..he played along Urnaggunna kurukkan this morning for me.

Soon he will be a teenager..I am sure things will change..

It should

that is the norm..

But I don’t change, do I? I will still be the same.

Someone posted a MLTR song on my FB wall

In 1998, I was living in Ampang and yaya was 7 months old. My apt used to have a little balcony and it faced the KL tower and twin towers. I was given a MLTR disc as a gift. ( the only CD I had at that time). I would play the cd each evening and hold Yaya and dance with her, while watching for the lights to come on in the KL tower.. I don’t know if they still do it, but in those days they would change the KL tower light colours for special occasions. It was such a magnificent sight.

One of the yaya’s favourite words as a child was tin tawa.. ( for twin tower). She loved tin tawa so much..

Kids grow up so fast..

I used to think that my obligations as a parent would be over when my youngest is 18..and now I dread the thought of my empty nest.

2 thoughts on “Nostalgic

  1. A parent's responsibility never ends…even if kids grow up to be parents ..they will always be kids for you…somehow they are still gelled with you…may be by love….

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