Well..My son is going for a 5 days of school camp tomorrow. Though I am the last minute sorta person, I did manage to get everything he needed to take with him on time. I was proud of my ability to organize things well and decided to celebrate my achievements by opening a nice bottle of red.

My excitement lasted till Yaya came to me and asked

“So what did you send for him?”

You know that feeling?? like the air in your helium balloon is lost all of a sudden kind of feeling??

Well, the thing is, Yaya went for the same camp 2 years ago. Because it was just a few weeks after we came to Australia and she hadn’t made a lot of friends, I had send a parcel to the camp in her name in advance.

I did think of sending something for my son.

But what do you send for a boy? You can’t send toys, food, electronic stuff etc

It was so easy to send something for Yaya. I send her a cuddly toy, some arty stuff, pens, a disposable camera..etc

I really couldn’t think of anything I could send for my son.

I thought no one will remember about the fact I send something for Yaya and all will be well..

I weaseled myself out by saying it is a surprise and I am not telling anyone.

How do I tell about something that is not send??

Tomorrow I must go and get something and send it by priority mail, so my son would get it in the next few days..

anyone has any ideas??

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