half the house

I dropped my son this morning to his school for a week long school camp.

As a rule I never pack my children’s bags because they need to know what they have to take with them, most importantly they need to know where it is kept. So I let them do it themselves. ( it didn’t always work well all the time, we have had times where one of my children have left the most important stuff like clean underwear’s at home!!)

Yaya took a small back pack when she went for the camp. My son took three bags. I have no idea what he has taken with him, I know they are all very important..

Dinner times are going to be very difficult without my son. He is the joker of the family

for eg.

I told Yaya, fish is rich in Omega 3 and is good for your brain

My son responds immediately “what brain?”

The other day, we had a massive hail storm. It happened on the same day Yaya decided to stop drinking juice and drink water instead. ( Yaya never drinks water, only juice)

I said the hail was because of Yaya..

My son replied ” Mom, the hails are the eyes of gods that popped out when they saw Yaya drinking water!!

Yesterday I told my son for something that he is like me. He replied ” Mom, poison apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!!”

I send him a parcel this morning. I packed a wacky drinking straw that goes around the face, head etc. Latest New scientist and national geographic magazine and a puzzle box” Hopefully he will get it in time.

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