Fear and thrill

I am not the one who usually like to plan ahead.

I am the last minute ( rather almost last minute) person.

For eg, last Sunday Yaya had to attend the optiminds competition and it was over at 12 noon. As we were driving back home, I asked the kids what is the plan for the rest of the day?

They all wanted to go for a long drive.

So the options were North, South, East or West.

We usually head to Byron bay every alternate week and had been to Byron bay the week before. So south was out.

I suggested Sunshine coast. We didn’t have any beach gear with us. So ruled out

Eventually we decided we will head to Kingaroy ( North West of Brisbane)

Filled the fuel, bought coffee at Coles express and headed to Kingaroy..

On the way we passed by the Nanango Go-Kart center. So I stopped the car, kids and I went for Go Kart rides..

By the time we finished it was around 4 pm, and we decided to head back home.

We had such a good time

Nothing was planned in advance and lots of good memories..

I actually prefer not to plan things in advance. I am scared that if I do plan in advance then things won’t work out well

I had asked the kids where they want to go for the Christmas holidays ( 2 months of school summer break)

They said they missed eating Malaysian food. ( So did I..)

As December is a peak tourist season, I had no choice but to book and buy the tickets in advance..

Christmas in Malaysia..am so excited..( and scared trying to imagine all sorts of things that can potentially go wrong because I planned ahead and then blogged about it as well)

I have the airtickets, but not sure where we will be staying..or what we are going to do for 3 weeks..But it will be fun.. Imagine not having to cook for three weeks!!!

3 thoughts on “Fear and thrill

  1. Phoenix: I know I can have differnt dish each breakfast, lunch and dinner for three weeks..Only in Malaysia you have that much of choices..and it won't cost me an arm and a leg..

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