white socks

Now, I am no fashion guru, However, the one thing that annoys me the most is the propensity of Indian guys ( often the kottayam achayans) wearing white socks with pants.

White socks are part of sports gear..

When you wear formal pants, you are supposed to match your socks to your pants ( and if it is extremely formal, match your socks to your pocket square)

I know I sound so silly, cribbing about the colour of the socks..

But what makes a man a real man is the attention to simple details.

A well dressed man..(Remember the gwalior suitings ad of the late 80’s and early 90’s?)… “The complete man”!!!

2 thoughts on “white socks

  1. I think a worse offence is when those very same Kottayam achayans wear black/grey/brown dress socks with sneakers or dock shoes and running shorts when they go to exercise .

  2. Ann: am scarred for life..the image of achayans jogging wearing knee( almost) high dress socks and sneakers..
    The worst is try telling the achayans that white socks and black dress shoes don't match and the achayans think there is something wrong with you, cause every other achayans in gulf wears the same, therefore it is accepted

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