I am sitting on my bed as I type this post

The news paper, my phone, a packet of Kettle cooked chips ( the only chips I like to eat) is by my side. There is a mountain of books on my dressing table that I was meant to have read and gave it away. My favourite rocker that I picked up from the op shop is piled with clothes. I no longer know which is clean and which needs to be washed, so I must wash the whole lot one of these days.

There are some books, clothes hanger, stuffed toys on the floor, which reminds me that I haven’t vacuumed the floor last week.

I can see an empty can of sprite on my book shelf..Yaya had left it there few weeks ago and I was meant to have told her to throw it in the bin

This is just my bedroom.

In the living room.. I cleaned the dining table this morning. It is baby’s job to clean the table after each meal. Somehow she never does it and I keep forgetting to get her to do it. The table cloth really needs a wash. I was meant to have bought a plastic table cloth..

It has been raining non stop the past few days and I didn’t want to use the clothes dryer. So the couch and the futon has become temporary clothes line. I should fold the clothes and put them away.

There are still two plastic bags of grocery on the kitchen floor… from last sunday ..

So house is a mess..

I probably am a failure

But that is ok..

Much as I know I am not Martha stewart, I am grateful that I am me.. that I am still happy..that I have three healthy, happy kids..

I think in the end, it is not if my house looks like a show home that matters.. what matters is that I haven’t lost the me..I am still the same..

Am to be judged by how shiny my kitchen sink is.. or how happy the kids and I are?

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