Help please

Can someone please tell me where I can get a domain registered?
I tried go daddy and google, both don’t seem to have the
I noticed that there are various options available when I did a domain registration search.
Is there anything I need to be wary of?

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  1. Hi Nina/Sarah/… whoever you are! I feel like I know you inside out – I have been reading your blogs right from the first entry. Considering that I just discovered it about 2-3 weeks back, you can say I put in a bit of effort! I even took leave from office just to read it 🙂 You have done a wonderful job writing it.

    I am from Kerala, 10 years your junior (finished SSLC in 1996), am at Bangalore now! I could follow all malayalam phrases you had, could grasp the background, could understand when you talked about Bangalore, Austin Town, … And we have a new game now – I tell my son “I am not a lorry to carry your sorry” when he says “sorry”. He keeps saying sorry for no reason – just to hear me say that. Mind you, he is just 2 years 7 months old!

    I did not have the childhood you had – mine was way better. I can't help wondering about people around you – your mother, father, Maria, Liza, Sally. Their actions were probably justified. Atleast they would have thought so at that time. I was an elder sister. And I have done a lot of mean things to my brother and mother. I really repent it now. But back then, while I was doing it, everything I did had a reason. And to my twisted mind, I was correct. But although I was mean, I still loved them a lot. I just didn't realize that I was hurting them. I wish I could tell them that I am sorry. But due to something else I did later, which I don't regret, they don't talk to me any more. Shelldince, if you ever read this, please note that I am sorry that I was selfish and mean. I wish you would talk to me.

    There is one more thing I really have to tell you. I too read novels when everyone else is revising for exams. same pinch… 🙂

    Wishing you the very best in life. Waiting for more stories about yaya, toothless and baby. I really like your way of writing.


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