Electric Blue

This morning Yaya came to me and told me she wants to colour her hair and she has decided that the colour is going to be electric blue..
Before I continue explaining what happened after such a daring revelation, let me take you to a trip down memory lane.
The year was 1988
It was the night of the grammy awards live telecast and the camera showed this American girl with a huge Mohawk.. she probably had all the vibrant colours you could think of on her hair. I thought it was so cool and did the most dumbest thing I could ever do.
I told my mother who was sitting next to me and watching TV that I wish I could colour my hair like that. ( notice the key word here..wish) I didn’t want the Mohawk.. just the colours!!
What happened next was something unbelievable..
She cursed
She swore
She blamed my dad, my grandmother and everyone in their village..
She told me I was a failure because instead of studying, I wanted to colour my hair..
What will 4 people say? she asked me.
How could I give birth to such a monster, she banged her chest and wailed.
She then pointed her finger at my two youngest sisters and told them, don’t you dare learn such bad habits from your idiotic sister!
ninakku vere thozhil onnum illa..ninte appante veettil ellarkkum vatta, ninakkum vattu kitti enna enikku thonnunne.. She told me.
At the end, I was so angry with her.
It wasn’t that I was going to colour my hair.( I didn’t have the guts). But I hated my mother for not understanding the key word in that conversation. I was a teenager and all I said was ” I wish”..it didn’t meant that I was planning to do it. and even if I did colour my hair, it wasn’t the end of the world. It was just hair!! not like getting myself a permanent Tattoo that I said I love my Naga !!!

But saying all that, I have to tell you in all honesty that I wasn’t expecting Yaya to tell me that she wanted to colour her hair..
I looked at her and imagined meeting her school principal and trying to explain my child’s choice of hair colour !!
I wondered if she is serious about colouring her hair?
I was tempted to tell her, you are too young.. ( and you my readers will know what she would say had I said that!)
I thought, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join
So I told her..
Good Idea Yaya, But I think you should add a bit of red streaks..red and blue, may be a bit of white too..like the Union Jack….It will look good !!
She gave me ‘ that’ look..
Probably it meant that, she didn’t succeed riling me up this time..but she will try again..
I wait..each day..fingers and toes crossed..

3 thoughts on “Electric Blue

  1. Hi Sarah, 🙂 ha ha ha. I wanted to color my hair blue too when I was just out of college. Its a phase I thing. Its been long since I have commented here but reading you everyday nevertheless. Congrats on the job front and hope you are doing good.

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