Two reasons for this post.
1. A friend of mine who knows Amma, asked me where she is and I was tired of hiding behind the truth and covering up for my family, told him I honestly don’t know, which led to how come? and I replied, we had our differences and his next statement was..”I hope you will iron out your differences with your mom, after all she is your mother!”

2. International women’s day ( I only remembered after reading the comment in the previous post!)

Do you know what I hate the most? It is the perception by everyone that “mothers, by virtue of being a mother have some sort of immunity because they carried you in their womb, gave birth to you and nurtured you. So that makes them holy and eligible for sainthood. Mothers can never be bad. NEVER. It is improbable that there are actually bad mothers..It is impossible that there are mothers who harm their children.

It is always the daughter that is wrong. She must have done something wrong and upset her mother!

Why don’t people think there are two sides to a coin?
Why do they assume that when it involves a mother and a daughter, it is the daughter who is always wrong?

Perhaps this international woman’s day.. while we glorify the achievements, strength and courage of our fellow women, do take a moment and consider..Not all mothers are good, holy sainthood materials..Just because you had the best mother on earth doesn’t mean that everyone is just as lucky as you… and please do give the daughter a break..She deserves it.

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  1. There are both kinds Sarah and more than that there are folks who judge. It sucks when you talk to your friends who believe in a norm and then judge you based on that . Like the person above said, you know the best and you have your reasons and you know how much have tried otherwise to make it work. You definitely deserve a break ! Good Luck

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