My daughter has gone for a school camp.

She packed her bag all by herself. I no longer get a chance to do a mother hen activity!!!

She was not supposed to take her phone, any electronic equipment( including wrist watch), food or lollies.
She asked me if she could take her ipod with her..knowing very well that she isn’t supposed to take it.
I know I am supposed to tell her, No you mustn’t break the rules..
I guess I should have.
I asked her what is the punishment for bringing something you aren’t supposed to bring?
She said her teacher mentioned that
“if you are bringing lollies, make sure they are gluten free!!!” Apparently the teacher has gluten sensitivity.

Coming back to my child, she wears decent clothes( I haven’t had to tell her that her clothes are inappropriate for her age),
She txt me as soon as she leaves the school campus, another txt when she enters the bus, another txt when she is at the bus interchange and in between a million txt just chatting with me. I have never asked her to txt me. She does because she knows I am a worry wart.
She does all her school work on time and when she is in a mood helps me with household chores.
So I told her, you are aware that by taking your ipod with you, you are breaking the rules and I as your mother have to tell you that the rules are there for a reason.But if you think that you can’t live the next few days without the ipod and are willing to face the consequences in the event you are caught, then go ahead, take your ipod.But I will not bail you out if you get in to trouble.

It is really tough being a parent and having to figure out where to draw the line.
What if tomorrow she start smoking and taking drugs.. cause I already let her break one rule???
The trouble is..all her friends are bringing their phones, ipads, ipods and lollies..and I am in the bandwagon of”all my friends do this/that” and much as I am tempted to ask as my mother has asked me a million times
ellarun traintey mumbil chadiyal, neeyum chadumo??”
there is no middle ground. If I take a tough stand, I face the prospect of making an enemy out of my child. If I take a lenient stand.. I risk the unknown,

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