The approval

When we were growing up, amma used to subscribe to The Hindu newspaper( english version).. The paper was delivered a day later, but she felt chechy’s grasp of english language will benefit greatly even if the news was a day old.
( in the beginning, chechy used to wait for the paper delivery.. in the end the paper just sat in the living room.and amma cancelled the subscription)

Anyway.. it was well known that chechy had the best english among all of us. Her grammar was perfect..her spelling was perfect..while I, a poor pityful student of Malayalam medium didn’t even know the difference between he or she!! let alone grammar.

Today, I received a one line email from someone who knows my family..who knows how good chechy’s english is..
The mail said
I have always known, your english is better than many!!

You know how it feels to finally hear that.. ( I know I am too old to feel like this..)
but though amma would never see anything good in me.. someone else did..and I am thrilled..feels like winning life’s lottery!

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