Moved the house

changed the phone number

and I was all set to walk away..( I hold a master’s degree in vanishing act..I have done it so many times!!)

Perhaps this is the first time, I actually thought if I am doing the right thing.. will I regret making my decisions later.. ( Normally I just do the things and regret at leisure!!!)

The fact that I need to write

and the fact that this blog is the only connection that I have with the rest of the what prevents me from shutting this down.. I can’t do it..

So here we are

School has started

Yaya joined high school, she is doing spanish immersion. On the first day of school I forced her to wear jeans, when she wanted to wear shorts, for I was worried that there may be hazing and didn’t want her to create a wrong impression amongst her peer group.. She was the only one wearing jeans!! the rest were in shorts..( and I didn’t know where to look when my daughter gave me THAT look..)

The biggest hassle as a single parent is trying to be in two different places at the same time. I missed toothless’s and baby’s first day at school as I had to take yaya to her new school..It was heartbreaking not to have been there for them..

Yaya now has to take the bus and also has to walk almost 2 km to the school from the bus station. She is directionally challenged like me and I am afraid to let her travel by herself..I know I have to let her do it..I will eventually let her..till that time comes, I will drop and fetch her to and from school

I am still jobless..I am perpetually in the highly overqualified or stupidly underqualified category..

I have not been reading much lately..because I was busy shifting the house..currently the house looks like Katrina has been given a free run inside..and I keep looking at all the boxes that needs to be opened and the stuff that needs to be put away and hoping that the magic fairy might come and just clear the mess..

i also found some of the books that I had brought from Canada when I was packing and am tempted to just lay down in my hammock and read..

I have a nice bottle of red wine chilling in the fridge..perhaps.. I will drink my wine and read my book and say to hell with the world..

I am still alive.. I can still read.. and when tomorrow comes and my life is still screwed up, I shall bitch about it here!!!!

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  1. Cheer up. Things will be fine. Blog it. You narrate well, the part of yaya and her first day at school, the fears of a mom, the younger generations views, all come out explicitly. Every parents fears .. a nice view..

  2. How do you do moving so many times?

    I know it is hardest when you have school going kids. Every thing needs to be arranged for them, and the schools they go to and activites that are available in that area, matter a lot. Kids make friends in school, and once school changes, every thing has to be started all over again, which is very hard on kids.
    Moving has to have a very real/good reason. I am actually afraid to change my phone#, as I will loose so many contacts. I have the same cell# for last 12 years. I know it is not just me, it is true with almost 99% of the people. Moving just because someone bothers you/ or can reach you over the phone or at your home? In this world of electronics/computers, it is very hard to erase your tracks just by moving/changing phone. Those stay around long after one is gone from this world. So walking away and moving is futile, esp to get away from people.

    Just my view, your I am sure is different.

  3. Am glad you didn't vanish from the cyber world 🙂 You got so far, against all odds & still manage to live on your own terms! So, enjoy the hammock, the chilled wine & the good read. Carpe Diem! The rest shall fall into place 🙂


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