I have been asked many times, how I cope with the fact that everyone who reads my blog knows what I have gone through..my thoughts..my feelings..it is all out there..
It was never easy..
I have created this wall around me, where I usually don’t let anyone in..
I also have the uncanny ability to just walk away..
Life doesn’t come with an erase button..so I walk away..
It is never easy to walk away
I will be taking this blog off public domain on Monday.
Thank you all for being there when I needed someone..
Good Bye and Good luck

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  1. This is your blog – respect your decision..I am so attched to this and the story – many a things which I could personally relate to..and there were many things left untold…wish you and you kids good luck and happiness wherever you go..thank you for sharing your stories..

  2. Will miss your blog. It's sad that you had to go through so much pain and adversity. It takes a lot of courage to talk about that. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Wish you loads of love, luck and happiness.

  3. I will really miss you sarah … have been reading your blog for so long that i feel like i know you very well … But yeah, its your blog and if you really want to shut this place, i respect your decision … hope you will post in your other blogs atleast once in a while so that we can hear from you and know that you are doing good ..
    all the best sarah ..
    Love .. Meenu

  4. Candid

    ….. ….

    Oh you have been soooo great …
    One in a million? …… that is too low a number.

    Will you be starting a NEW blog?

    with love –

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