I have been thinking about heaven and hell..
the thing is, I know I have a PR visa to hell..till now I thought that was ok.. any way I was going to be in the company of many of my good friends.. so there was never any need to be concerned..
But this morning I realised
“hell, in hell my mother will also be with me”
Now that is something really scary.. is it not??
I now have to earn brownie points quickly for heaven entry.. a mammoth task, I must say..but the thought of spending my after life with my mother has made me realize that.. I will do anything to spare myself of that trauma..
A year ago, my mother was with me ..I had promised myself that I treat her with love and respect..and now..I don’t even know where she is..
The best thing I ever did was to walk away from my family. Life is peaceful..quiet..and am happy..
Now let me see how to get a PR to heaven!!!

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