Ashamed.. that probably was not the word I thought I would ever use to describe my feelings..
As you all know, I am strong willed, stubborn and I have a mind of my own.. so being ashamed was never part of my feelings..
yet that is exactly what I feel.
After driving from Brisbane to Melbourne and eating mostly sandwiches and pasta, kids and I really missed eating something spicy..and we decided to go to the nearest Indian restaurant and have dinner.
Yaya loves thali meal.
She looked at the menu, they had south Indian and North Indian thali..
She then looked at me and asked..
“Mama, which part of India, we are from? North or South?”
My 12 year old malayalee child doesn’t even know which part of India, she is originally from..
I take full blame..

1 thought on “Ashamed

  1. Does it matter in the world today, The roots? where you belong to? Or what matters is where you currently are. Its just of historic value today to know, where you belong to, for you cannot follow that life of where you belonged to. And for kids, where they are is what that matters, and what the current life is .. so i think this is to be expected, and right too. For do not confuse the young mind with the alien thought of where we belong too, could be a confusing thought for them. With time the roots will manifest them-self, so do not blame yourself.

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