looking back

A year is almost gone..
So many things happened..

Kids did exceptionally well in school. They got 5 high distinction, 6 distinction between themseles for the ICAS tests.
School report, except for Yaya, who got B for Maths, they got A’s for all the subjects.
Yaya won the outstanding student award, by learning to read, write and speak Japanese in less than a year. ( that is one language I could never master!!). Right now our relationship is fine. I know it can blow up any time. I guess this will last a few more years.
It was a relief that toothless finally come around and understood that if he was going to push the boundaries, he was going to pay the consequences himself. He didn’t get in to trouble the last quarter!
He is also a good cook, can whip up a KD for himself without any trouble. He also makes very good pizza. He has zero linguistic skills and has been trying to learn Japanese along with his sister and still doesn’t know a word of Japanese.
He now cycles to school. ( it was really hard for me to allow him to cycle to school. Daniel Morecombe’s case is always on my mind.. But I know there is only so much I can do and the children need to learn to make responsible decisions, so I let him.. )
Baby is now a good violin player.. she seems to be enjoying her violin lessons. I usually stay to watch her, cause when she is very much immersed in to the music, she nods her head with the rhythm..and it is so cute to see it.
I guess I survived another mothering year..
And I wait to see what the next year will bring..
Wishing you all a merry christmas and a very happy new year.

4 thoughts on “looking back

  1. hey Sarah
    At what age your daughter started learning violin..Was she really interested when she started her class..my son is touching 7 & i am not sure if he is really interested..
    wish u merry xmas..

  2. Hi Sarah
    I am a long time follower of your blog..love your writing..btw did you have any food blog..i remember i came across it a while ago(2years may be) and loved the recipes. i could not find it now-it is not the blog for yaya you listed in the about me section. i was looking for christmas cake recipe.

  3. Susan: thank you,,missed kerala, christmas carols and the fruit cake from best bakery!

    Asha: baby just turned 9 few days ago.. The rule was, each child has to learn swimming, skating, skiing,be part of a group sport and must know to play a musical instrument, which they have to pick before they are 10 and can't quit for three years. Yaya picked piano, Toothless picked guitar and baby picked violin; She was really interested in learning to play the violin ( i was hoping she would pick piano, then the costs and my time taking them for lessons would have been much less)

    Munni: Do Google, immigrant recipes..and you should find the cake recipe.. I hvn't deleted the blog..just hvn't added to the list of blogs, cause there were too many1

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