The box

My youngest daughter is fascinated with boxes. Any box for that matter, be it cereal box or even the shipping box. She just loves the boxes!!
Few times she even wore a box on top of her t shirt ( thinsation carton from cosco was her favourite) and pretended to be a cookie box. I was visitng a friend and my daughter insisted on coming with me as a cookie box..and I let her, mostly because I was sure she would take the box off when we reached the destination..She didn’t.. She was happy being a cookie box.
But now it has become worst..
The last few months she watched TV sitting inside a shipping carton..Kids only get 30 minutes of TV time and I was sure, 30 minutes of sitting cramped in a tiny carton was not going to harm her..and I was also sure she would get tired of it and will stop doing it sooner or later..
Not so..
Now she sits inside a shipping box and read for hours on end. She has a pillow and a blanket inside the box! and her favourite perch is my bed.
I really don’t know what to do.
Is this normal?

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  1. Its normal. I remember my childhood and i too see that i used to collect lot of things. With time it will die down. I have two daughters and the elder one has grown up a bit, but still she has a fancy of the boxes, she decorates any box, makes some thing out of it and then a week later it is discarded and another box comes in. It goes on …
    The younger one is like yours, she makes a make believe home in her box. And i love to see the creativity they show.

  2. I too love boxes. I am fascinated by small boxes, especially the tin boxes of mint, gum, mouth fresheners, any trinket boxes, and jewelry boxes. When I see a cute box that someone will just throw after they use up the product, I usually ask them to give the box to me. I have Santa box that sings, and many more, have become part of my collection. My 6 year old knows my fascination and usually brings me a cute box now and then, when he and his dad go shopping. I sometimes make a small house with my son, using diaper boxes that we bring so often.
    This is totally normal. I am sure she will go out of this, and even if she doesnot, it is ok.

    I sometimes make a small house with my son, using diaper boxes that we bring so often.

  3. Hi

    My kids love playing with boxes. We have packing boxes in the house, and they are building with them and hiding in them.

    I found your blog searching for something else, and it happens for a reason.

    My mom's like yours. I know exactly how you feel. It's deliberate, she knows you're hurt, and she enjoys the power of being able to hurt.. I pretend not to notice the meanness and call her with an I love you regularly. (it infuriates her not to be able to hurt me, but she backs down..) I pray for her and talk to her often as I don't want to go to hell.

    Your blog is so lovely, the way you love your kids. I loved my daughter too.. more than anything, but the evil my mom spewed at me (you're this that and the other) I repeated. So I pretty much lost her heart.

    May you be happy and find your shangri la.. or maybe this world is only a journey there….

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