The vanishing child

Perhaps this is the chrysalis stage.. perhaps I might find the most beautiful butterfly at the end of this journey.. I hope so..

A year ago, the usual conversation after I pick the kids up from school and on our way back would be..
How was school?
Each would give an an honest answer, and update me what they did, their teacher said , their friends did etc.
All I needed to ask was one question.

Now, the younger two still gives a full update.
With Yaya, this is how it goes
How was school?
How was your Teacher
What did you learn today?
What kind of stuff?
I know when to shut up, so I do.
Usually, after the kids come back from school, they have their snack, play for a little while and then lay down with me ( according to my mother’s theory, I should be blind now, cause I always lay down and read( not good for your eyesight) and let my children do the same) and we read till supper time.
Now as soon as Yaya comes back from school, she grabs the snack and go to her room and stay there till supper.

Of course there are days, i get a glimpse of the child that she when we go for grocery shopping and how she still push the trolley and drag her feet..Or when she makes lemonade in all different hues on planet earth..or when she makes breakfast in bed for me..
before, those were the regular stuff that she did.
Now those are the things that I cherish the most, cause they happen so very rarely..
I know she needs her space and she is trying to find out who she is..
But I miss my baby..
I wish she wouldn’t build walls around her..

3 thoughts on “The vanishing child

  1. Chandu: after reading your comment, I was thinking about the first time each of my children learned to ride the bicycle..Time sure flies..

    Susan: I hope so..really hope so

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