There are many kinds of bullying..we have all faced it one time or the other.
I remember this classmate of mine, who used to take immense pleassure in harassing me.
Being partially deaf, I had to sit in the first bench on the extreme end. Her modus operandi was , when I am immersed in a book( usually when the teacher has gone to the staff room or is absent), she would get everyone else sitting next to me to get up at the same time, resulting in the bench working as a seesaw and my butt getting massaged by the floor. It used to be so humilating to hear the rest of the class laughing. What perverse joy one must be finding to laugh at someone who fell down!
Now it is my poor baby’s turn to get harassed. She is in the same cohort as last year.. There are 4 girls that my daughter used to play with last year. This year, they decided that she can’t play with them anymore.
I told her to find a new friend.. ( I know it is easier for me to say that.. I can only imagine what my child goes through)
I don’t really know how to help her.. But I did remember reading somewhere years ago, a mother who faced a smiliar situation like me used to write jokes and puzzles on her child’s lunch bag, just to cheer her up and eventaully the whole class wanted to know what was the new puzzle or the joke each day.. Perhaps I will try that from Monday onwards.
Anyone else has any other suggestion?
* I moved the house..but not the school.The younger two still goes to the same school)

2 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. i wish ter was someone who had told me that only the cowards would bully when i was in school, looking back at it now it seems silly, stupid even for me to have taken all that seriously, but you only truly know how it feels when you go through it.

    the joke idea sounds good, but could backfire too, knowing the kind of things kids say.

    there is no way to avoid bullyng than to stand up fr oneself, and like you said its easier said than done to make new friends, but do try to find out what exactly caused te bullying (many a time i think te other kids r just plain jealous and will come around after a bit) or if ter s some other reason then maybe tht can be worked on

  2. The jokes will definitely cheer her up, but bullying is a serious problem that the mentors of the class must be aware about. May be it is good to mention this to a teacher, that is what you are always advised to do here, or at least that i what i think everyone does these days. Talking to her about getting other friends could help too, i feel so bad for her, it must be too hard.

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