In my chest of ‘Finally’ items I finally read “The education of Little tree”

I heard about the book in 1994 when Oprah pulled it off her book shelf. I really wanted to read it, but couldn’t bring myself to read a book written by a former KKK leader.

I was given a box of book the other day and saw “the education of little tree’ among them.
I went through should I or should I not for a few days and decided to give it go yesterday.
( I convinced myself that since I didn’t pay for the books, I am not supporting a racist author (though dead) in any way.)

I loved the story, beautifully written.

Will ye walk always with me, Willow John? Not far;
A year or two, at ending of your time.
We’ll not talk, Nor tell the bitter of the years.
May be laugh, Occasional; or a find a cause for tears;
Or something lost, could be, we both might find.
(Asa Carter. the Education of little tree)

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