Dr Seuss

I never heard of him till my youngest brought home ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’ from the library few years ago. She was hooked and I probably read that book for her more than a 100 times since then.
We both love Dr. Seuss books.
I have been collecting Dr. Seuss books for my children ever since.

My favourite story is “Oh the places you will go” and the part I love the most is
The waiting place..
For people just waiting.
Waiting for a train to go
or a bus to come, or a plane to go
or the mail to come, or the rain to go
or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
or waiting around for a yes or no
or waiting for the hair to grow.
Everyone is just waiting.
Waiting for the fish to bite
or waiting for the wind to fly a kite
or waiting around for Friday night
or waiting, perhaps for their uncle Jake
or a pot to boil, or a better break
or a string of pearl, or a pair of pants
or a wig with curls,or Another chance.
Everyone is just waiting.

I always thought that part simply describes life and anyone who reads it can identify themselves as one among the everyone.
My daughter’s favourite is Green eggs and ham. ( Entire book was written using only 50 words)

Today is Dr. Suess 106 th Birthday.

3 thoughts on “Dr Seuss

  1. Green Eggs & Ham is my son's favorite too!!!! And I just love the matter-of-fact voice in the video version.

    My son's school is having a week long celebration of Dr.Suess's B'day.

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