As many of you know, My mother loves plants. She has stolen plants from the Orchid Garden in KL, from Lalbagh in Bangalore, from the flower show in Kottayam and from all the houses she visited in between.

I visit my cousin every Thursday. My cousin is an ardent gardener. In the tiny patch behind her house, she grows every vegetable known to mankind including ethakka kappa. This morning as usual I drove to my cousin’s house and took Amma with me. We had lunch and when we were leaving my cousin gave me few sprigs of Curry leaves and some green chillies in a plastic bag for me to take home.
Just as we were leaving Amma found this plant that has flowers growing on the leaf and asked my cousin if we could have a small cutting. My cousin went inside to get the knife and in an instant Amma broke couple of Geraniums that were growing in another pot and put them in the curry leaves plastic bag.
The thing is I already have geraniums. Also if Amma had asked, my cousin would have gladly given her a cutting.
I wish Amma didn’t steal.
I feel bad for my cousin.
I feel terrible

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