This post is nothing but boasting.. (aka mother’s joy)

This time it is about my little one

My little one, she is the one who never spoke a word till she was 2.

I was always worried about her being in the shadows of her over achieving siblings. I didn’t want her to be in their shadow, but unlike the older two, I didn’t know what her strengths were. She is the quiet one ( not when she fights with her siblings though,, she fight to win and will win at any cost)
She is always reading about whales and sharks and can watch ocean documentaries on telly over and over.

Yesterday we went for the Kumon award ceremony. I knew Yaya would be receiving the certificate for reaching the G5level((Algebra before junior high) and toothless for reaching level F( two years advanced)..

Lots of kids were getting the awards and I was waiting for my children’s turn.. Then I heard someone calling out my little one’s name and I heard the emcee announcing that my little one is in the regional top 10. No words to describe how shocked I was..and the joy.. no words to describe that either..

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  1. Congratulations to you and to her !:)

    I just wanted to wish you good Luck in moving to Australia Sarah. I hope u have awesome days there 🙂


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