Party for 60 under $ 50

Phew.. I did it..

We had the good bye party yesterday..
Yaya made the invitation..She used cue cards and used artificial feathers to decorate the cards.. The invitation cards looked very pretty..

Venue was at the local water park and we had asked all the children to wear swim suits and bring along their water guns..

Food.. I made three types of sandwich ( egg, tuna and cheese) baked 60 Cup cakes( using Pillsbury cake mix), bought two large packets of chips, one big carton of juice box and a crate of water..

My friends brought fruits, cheese and crackers, nachos and salsa, scones, and popcorn.

No food was wasted.. There was enough food for everyone and everyone had a good time..

At the end kids gave each of their friend a certificate that said

“We are glad that we knew you.
Thank you for being our friend.
“Good Bye !!!!”
We will miss you”
In it there was also our address in Australia and my email ID.

I noticed that children have more fun when there are no ‘fixed’ activities are involved.. For three hours they played at the playground, had water gun fights and simply had tons of fun.. So did I.. (I didn’t get wet only because I warned everyone that if anyone sprays water on me they will have 30 minutes time out!! Mean eh?)

I used this idea to decorate the cupcakes.

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