Blowing my own trumpet ( again !!!!)

I know I shouldn’t blow my own trumpet, mostly because my contribution to this particular issue is zilch..partly because it is not ‘nice’ to blow one’s own trumpet.

But for me, it kind of validates me staying home and spending my time with my children. Especially more so on the days I feel low and think that I am wasting ( destroying) my career.

Both Yaya and Toothless won the annual academic achievement gold medal. Three years in a row for Yaya.
Their school only gives the gold medal from grade 3 onwards and Toothless won the medal this year.

Here I am blowing my own trumpet.. for my children..

2 thoughts on “Blowing my own trumpet ( again !!!!)

  1. Sarah,

    I don't know why you put yourself down this way. I would say if the kids are doing so well, it's not just because of their inherent talent, it is also because you are there to nurture it. And you have sacrificed your career to do that. And if you don't take pride in your kids, who will?

    It feels so nice to hear another mom praise her kids…I do it too and I don't even need an excuse to do that. I praise them just because they are.


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