I have four days of stop over in Auckland before flying to Sydney.. I will be staying in a Motel and am concerned about food. My children won’t be keen to eat fast food all the time and I was planning to take some food items from here.. Then I remembered NZ has strict rules when it comes to bringing in food. Does anyone here know if I am allowed to take pre packaged food ( Kraft dinner and Maggi mee) with me?
Do the kids need to layer up like we do here in the winter?

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  1. You can carry food items which are packed by a manufacture. Make sure you have packed all the food items together, so customs checking will be easier.Try not to carry food, spices etc not sealed or packed at home. Hope this helps

  2. Yup – layers is the most practical and awesome thing someone thought of when dealing with the insane weather.

    Winter has started and NZ is a couple of degrees colder than Aus so it's gonna be freezing.

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