My life in a nut shell..

The other day my children and I attended the Children’s festival..and during one of the shows the performer asked what is human body mostly made of?
A woman with a bachelors in Medicine (and a Master’s degree to boot) answered
And a 9 year old boy who is in grade 3 answered

Ah! you learn so much from your children..

I learned to play ‘Save the last dance for me’ on my guitar. ( I had always wanted to learn to play guitar)

I made two pots, glazed and fired them.. They look exactly like work of a rookie !!

I have almost completed Yaya’s dress.. I am planning to give it to her on her b’day. ( I also managed to find an Ammolite Pendant for her.. I wanted her to have something from here)

In the next few weeks, I have to pack everything, get the movers to ship the stuff, organize a goodbye party and a birthday party, move out of this house and take my children camping!!!!.. and then travel all the way from the North pole to the South pole ( figuratively speaking)

Isn’t life beautiful??

Oh that reminds me..
1. Can someone tell me the car seat requirement in NSW?
2. Do the video tapes from here work in Australia? I know there is this PAL/ NTSC thingy..

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  1. hey
    its none of the stuff from USA work here…not sure about canada…

    Car seats r required till 14-16kgs…and booster seat till 5 years…and we drive right hand cars 🙂

    welcome to australia mate…

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