Three day road.

My son’s class teacher told me about the book she gave her teenager as a Christmas gift and was never read the first four month of the year and was finished in 2 days in the 5th month.

I had not heard of the author before and didn’t want to waste money buying a book I might not like. So I decided to borrow from the library and I was number 21 in the waiting list !. That alone should have told me something.. But like they say there is no cure for ignorance.

I got the book three days ago on 2 weeks loan..
It was a Hardcover copy..
Years of living in India and reading paperbacks has made me kind of hate holding hardcover books in my hand.. They feel too heavy..
So the book stayed on my table.

I was curious to know what “Three day road” actually means. Why three day? Why not four days? I started reading the book this morning just to find out what three day road means.. I was going to stop reading the book as soon as I found the answer.. ( there is so much to do and I didn’t want to waste time reading a book that I probably didn’t like !)
I read all the way to page 207 to find what three day road means… and still didn’t stop..

It is one of the best books I have read..
Simply captivating..

Three day road by Joseph Boyden.. Worth reading..( more so when mind is so restless.. house is so messy and life is just not what is supposed to be!)

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