I just don’t get it.
What exactly did I learn when I was at school?
Why was I made to memorize countless English, Malayalam and Hindi poems and regurgitate it on the answer sheet and forget it once for all?
Why was so much importance given to Malayalam grammar rules( ?Vrutham) that I have never ever used once in my life?
I am not belittling my education.. but I wish more energy was spend on giving me knowledge instead of making me a memory bank!..

I had to search all over the Internet to find out about what happens to the salt once the sea starts to freeze.. And here is the answer.

No words to describe how inadequate I feel right now.

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  1. I too feel I didn’t learned a lot of things when I was in school and kids now learn a lot of things and think of world so widely… I don’t know them now too :). But I think its ok we had some other experiences too might be we were running behind kuku bird to imitate it and making it angry :). Mostly its like no one can completely know about everything…

  2. I did learn a lot at school, unfortunately very little had to do with the syllabus being taught!

    I loved the projects though, like when I once built a rocket. I am still fuzzy about the principles of gas expansion and all that stuff, but I DO know how to solder!

  3. You bet! I really envy the kids out here (US) who have so much fun learning which is how it should be.
    Fun was definitely not how I would describe my school when I was a kid (Though I should say there were some islands of excellence) – Teachers who used to go out of their way to make learning useful and fun. I really hope things have changed in India since.

  4. “Why was so much importance given to Malayalam grammar rules( ?Vrutham) that I have never ever used once in my life?”
    I want to tell you…
    Eduction is not what you have learned in school; It is what left with you after leaving school.
    Why mathematics student learn integration when he/she is not exploiting its applicability.
    You may be familiar with the old story of rabbit-tortoise run, where the clever tortoise win. Just think for the result of the story which I tell you…
    This time the run is properly conducted, with good planning and proper guidelines to avoid any cheating and to be justifiable. At starting point of the 100 meter race, Tortoise was allowed to start from 10meter mark and Rabbit has to take off from the Zero mark. Rabbit agreed this as he know he can run ten time faster.
    With the whistle the race start…
    Who will win? the tortoise or the Rabbit?..
    If you say it is Rabbit again…. You have to reason it.
    See.. when the rabbit covers 10 meter the tortoise might have covered one tenth of it, that is 1 meter and still 1 meter ahead of Rabbit. when the rabbit further covers 1 meter tortoise would have 10 centimeter ahead. when rabbit covers the 10 centimeter the tortoise would have covered one tenth and still 1 centimeter ahead… see in this series any time tortoise will be ahead. …right.
    But there comes the role of advanced mathematics. use of Limit and Integration.
    If you can apply advanced maths for such a child story why you can not apply Malayalam grammar in your life for these much period. you are still a child who argue with mother that because of her(mother) she forget to do home works.

    lease start reading Malayalam literature and start getting immense pleasure it.

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