I am sorry

I know I haven’t done much blogging this week. I apologize.

But I do need a favour.
Does anyone know a trekking route from Sikkim to Namche Bazar? Nepal borders Sikkim so there has to be trekking routes.
I just can’t seem to find any information. Every time I use google I end up going through pages after pages of companies that deal with tourism in Sikkim , Nepal and Bhutan.
Has any of you trekked from Sikkim to Nepal( or know anyone who has done it?)

Here is wishing all of you a jolly good week end
Take care
Best of the best

4 thoughts on “I am sorry

  1. cnfsd: Thank you..There is so much info in that lonk you gave..Thank you so very much

    Chubbz:Quoting P.J Bailey “Respect is what we owe, love is what we give”. I respect my readers and when I don’t update my blog I owe an apology because I love what I do.

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