A letter from the headmaster

Years ago, I would use all my wit and charm and find out from my college administrator at my boarding school when exactly they are posting my annual marks card and report to my home. If my parents ever saw my school report, they would have got an easy ticket to heaven. There was a time my maths teacher gave me -2/100. She said 0 didn’t justify my score. bad score also meant less allowance from home..When you are already under “low income” budget, sending mu annual report to my parents is akin to suicide. The only way was to bribe the postman so he would give me the letter addressed to my parents. I was good at forging my dad’s signature(He still doesn’t know). A week later, I would bribe the postman again and give him the forged report card addressed to my principal in an old envelope with stamps taken from the letters my family send me.( The school principal would check everything to make sure that the report card is indeed signed by the parents. So I couldn’t take a risk with the stamps!!!).
Anyway true to the adage that you can’t fool all the people all the time, I did get caught in my final year, when one of my classmate’s parents visited my mother and discussed the report card..And my mom asked”what report card?” followed by me getting grounded for a long while..
Yesterday there was a letter addressed to my daughter from the school. I looked at the letter with suspicion, after all she is my daughter and I know what I am guilty of. Kind of what goes around comes around. I was a bit scared to open the letter. So instead of opening I asked her, what is all this about. She replied “How should I know?” . She didn’t look least bit worried and my heart was going on a jolly ride.I was really worried, What did a 7 year old do in school to get a letter from the principal?? All my past sins flashed across my mind. I honestly didn’t want to open the letter. I said a novena and kind of barter traded with the creator. I promised I will repent all my sins if my child doesn’t get suspended from school. With trepidation I opened the letter
It was a congratulatory letter from the principal. She apparently did so well in school. The best student in grade 2… And to think that her mother got 0/100 most of the time and spend half her life in the detention room and the other half writing imposition in hundrerds..

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  1. Lol, I was weak in Maths too. I still am. I remember when I took Maths exam when I was in Form 4. The teacher ticked in TWO spots and that was that. However, he gave me extra 10 marks, the total was 12 😛
    I still have no clue how I passed my SPM…

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