Announcing the arrival of Liza..our fourth one!!

Here I am writing my blog on the 2 nd day of Chinese Newyear and I have happy news for all of you. We have a fourth member in our family. She is Liza, a chirpy happy Budgie.
We adopted her from a Grey haven pet sanctuary. She is one of the many birds abandoned and rescued. She is light blue and grey coloured, about 7 months old.
She is a fiesty, chirpy bird. My son chose her.She has a life span of 20 years and hopefully will be with us till the end. She likes to eat lettuce and coriander leaves. Learing to perch on our hand… hopefully will speak soon as well.
Grey Haven is located at 4490 – 152nd Street · Surrey BC · Canada · (604) 878-7212 ·

They have many birds apart from budgies. Adoption from a pet sanctuary helps the birds, as they are not bred to earn income, and no new bird is added to replace the one that has been adopted.

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