weather and me

This morning the grass around my house was frozen. It was really beautiful. Autumn is turning to winter. The only thing tht I ever liked when I lived in england was the autumn season. It was colourful and magical. it reminds me of my Budhist teacher, who always saw the other end of everything. He taught me to look at a leaf and see the two sides. It makes food for the plant and then becomes the food at the end. I am sure there is a purpose in everything, but what am I doing here? When the land of my birth is soooooooo far away?
I am sure winter blues are already setting in my head.
How did my ancestors survive in a country, where the custom and everything was so different? I am sure it was the resilience in them tht helped them to pull through.. and where did my resilience go?
Oh Malaysia, I miss u so much, I miss the people, the weather, food…. everything

3 thoughts on “weather and me

  1. I’m not even a Malaysian (although I lived in KL for a few years) but I miss Malaysia lots. The food.. oh the food… A hot cheese naan would be so perfect on a chilly autumn night.

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