1 month in Canada

It is a month since i landed in Vancouver. I asked myself what do I miss the most?
It would certainly be the morning market near my home. It certainly was the most vibrant place I hv ever known. Before I leave for work, I normally go to the market, buy vege and fish and most of the time my breakfast. I hd the choice of freshly made Roti kosong, nasi lemak,wan tan mee,kway teow goreng,keropok kelede, dosai and of course pao…. I never ever had to eat the gardenia bread!!! For those of u who think about healthy breakfast, what can be more health than a nice plate of nasi lemak for breakfast? Rice gives carbohydrate, timun for vege, egg and peanuts for protein… (we shall ignore the lemak in the rice…) So ideal break fast..

Also at the market, there was the personal service, most of the traders( and their children) hv been there since my childhood. They hv known me through my single hood to parenthood. They know my kids name. The nasilemak trader knows tht my kids like their sambal packed separately. Lady selling dosai knows my kids love ghee dosai, and the pao trader knows tht each time I would buy 4 tou sa pao from him and I never hv to tell them anything. It is a known thing for them. For me tht was the most personalised service ever on earth. The market is filthy, but the people..they make it worth ur visit.

3 thoughts on “1 month in Canada

  1. you are lucky to get dosei and you like it too. My mother used to prepare wonderful paper like dosa [we Telugu speaking people call it so, dosei is Tamil version] and the groundnut chutney prepared by my grand mom… I may not taste such a combination in this life again.

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