School is back

Rather i should say teacher’s are back in school doing what they are supposed to do… Teaching.
My older one is in grade 2, before coming here, she was studying at a private school in KL. The difference between the school in KL and here is she has no home work… absolutely nothing. In KL she needs atleast an hour to finish her ‘tons’of homework..But there is a difference in standard of education. She was in grade 1 in KL and in grade 2 here. Wht she learns here is wht she learned in KG in KL. She is kind of bored.
Now I need to find a Mandarine teacher for her. She was good in her mandarine and enjoys language lessons. She wants to learn Chinese calligraphy.!!! Alamak how to teach her tht, where am I going to find a sifu who can teach her the traditional stuff??
I am also a world class idiot, who had a swimming pool at home and never taught the kids to swim. I didn’t really have the time and at times procrastination was the motto. Now to send them to the pool, it would costs me 690CAD/yr just for the family membership to use the pool and additional costs for the lessons. I think I now learned, u never know wht u hv until u lost it.. Had a beautiful pool at home and never knew the value of it till i don’t hv a pool and now desperately needs it…

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  1. Thanks Ah kian
    The actual swimming lesson/child is 4.50..however there is entrace fee to the pool which is 3.50/child. Since I hv three kids, it works out cheaper taking the $690/yr option!!
    Do u know anyone who teaches chinese brush painting, Actually looking for someone older, who can give lessons at home and long term basis..

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