I am being stalked!!!!

It started as a normal trip to walmart. I saw this young mother struggling with her baby. My younger one likes to play with kids and she said hello to the baby which led to the mother of the baby saying hello. She asked me where I stay and how long I hv been to Canada. She stays 2 blocks away and we exchanged out number. (I was glad as my younger one, who is going to be 4 and was attending school in Malaysia, is now home alone and needs a play mate!!)
This lady has been calling me up since insisting that I follow her to this wonderful opportunity to make my millions. This MLM is sooooo good, it pays all her bills, she and her husband are planning to retire in 3 yrs.!!! I hv nothing against MLM. Each to his own, but I as a person also hv a choice to say NO. She just won’t take no for an answer. Belum cuba belum tahu attitude.
Yesterday she and her husband decided to visit ( without making any appointment) and decided to insult me. They wanted to know wht am i scared of? ie meeting new people, public speaking etc… and they were too baffled as to how I can be a dead wood in the head to pass up such a wonderful money making opportunity…
They told me how the economic bubble in N. America is going to burst.. How we should be prepared..
They even had the audacity to tell me tht I don’t know how the Canadian system works and tht they hv been here longer and know wht is better for me.
I told them in plain simple english tht I don’t want to join. Guess wht they were angry with me and went off in a huff..

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