City of lights

I lived in the golden triangle of KL, and it is known as city of lights. I never liked to see putple and green light lit tress whenever I drove near Jalan parliment. some junctions even had fake palm trees made of lights.. Grossly ugly( ofcourse some council yoyo thought why plant a palm tree and maintain when u can hv a “light” tree..)
Anyway.. the city was always bright and I loved the lights hanging down like weeping willow leaves infront of the Istana.. and there was something nice about it.
Now I am sure there is something wrong here. people like to live in dark dingy rooms. Average bulbs in households are 40 watts. Can u imagine how dim those lights are?? My neighbour doesn’t use any light at all except one small light in her study. My landlord watches the TV in the dark. Our friends hardly turn the lights on.. and I am going crazy. I need light. I hd to seach high and low for day light bulbs in the mall.. They only had soft yellow lights. How do u survive with such low light power.?? I miss home…

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